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The newest
Silva book,
authored by
Jose Silva Jr.

Every copy of the book includes a link to a recording of the world famous Silva Centering Exercise plus Jose Silva himself explaining how he developed the Silva Method
Jose Silva Jr. and Ed Bernd Jr., authors of Jose Silva's Everyday ESP
Joe and Ed, July 2007

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Jose Silva's Everyday ESP Chinese edition by Jose Silva Jr. with Ed Bernd Jr.
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Jose Silva's Everyday ESP, Lithuanian edition
Jose Silva's Everyday ESP Indian edition
Jose Silva's Everyday ESP, Romanian edition
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Jose Silva's Everyday ESP


     Jose Silva was a man to be liked, respected and admired for his accomplishments and his contribution to humanity. His work helped open the door to a better life for many people throughout the world.
I am thankful for the opporunity to have known him. My respect for his work was strong enough to use it in raising my daughter, April and writing a book about it.
     In this book, Jose Silva's Everyday ESP, my friends Jose Jr. and Ed Bernd have shared Jose's formulas for success. The world is a better place because of Jose's work, and using the principles in this book will help you to create a better life for yourself and your family.
Raymon Grace, Author of:
The Future is Yours-Do Something About It
Techniques That Work For Me
Seasons of April

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of summarizing with clarity, some difficult concepts. It is very well written!
Dr. Bruce Lipton, Author of:
The Biology of Belief

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